Do You Eat the Rind on Brie?


Brie is a young cheese made from cow's milk. The rind on the brie is edible as long you do not mind the flavour of the rind. Brie is rich in flavour and best served at room temperature on hot, fresh French bread.
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1. Put the brie segment in an airtight container. Refrigerate the brie for one hour to harden it, making the rind easier to remove. Take the brie out of the refrigerator. 2. Place
Brie isn't one cheese but an entire category of cheeses. They are made in different size formats, different areas, different animal breeds and different recipes. Lowfat, standard,
Because brie is a soft cheese, people generally use it as a cheese spread. Using a butter knife, or a knife specifically for spreading cheese, you can spread it on crackers or celery
The rind or skin is formed naturally by molds and bacteria. It starts out as fine
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You can eat the moldy exterior on brie or Camembert cheeses. Many people find this to be their favorite part of the cheese. They use it with whatever food they ...
Brie rind is edible and it is often deemed to be a complement to the creamy cheese inside. Brie cheese is mild and slightly sweet in flavour and is considered ...
Brie refers to a mild, soft creamy cow's cheese named after the region in Northern France where it was originally made. It has a dusty white-mould rind that is ...
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