Do You Get Better Engagement on Linkedin or Focus for Business Questions?

Just discovered Focus and am really enjoying it... Curious to hear your opinions and experiences.


Carlos Hidalgo (CEO, The Annuitas Group)

I have been on Focus for more than a year now and have seen a better overall engagement from the Focus community. The questions and answers seem to be more focused and the information shared more helpful.

I think LinkedIn has great merit but overall for me I prefer Focus when looking to dialogue with professionals.

Carlos Hidalgo
The Annuitas Group
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Matt Heinz (President, Heinz Marketing Inc)
Ditto to what Carlos said. Better quality of engagement on Focus for me, definitely. I'm still active on several professional networks, but Focus is where I engage the most for good content, best practices, even networking with and meeting amazing and brilliant sales & marketing people I never would have experienced before.
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