Do You Get to Free Roam Anytime You Want in Mafia 2?


You can free roam on Mafia 2, but it has to be right before or right after you complete a mission. Therefore, you really can't free roam whenever you want like you can in other games such as Grand Theft Auto.
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The best thing to do would be to (after beating game) go to chapter fourteen then when you get joes half for paying Bruno back you will have around 57 grand.
There is no free roam, mode like grand theft auto but in between missions, you are free to rob stores steal cars, buy clothing and guns or just kill cops and all that jazz. If you
MAFIA 2 is a linear story based game BUT you will be able to free
In Mafia 2 they will have pump action shotgun and MP0. But no PS2 version. They is a mod for Mafia PC that you can download a guitar gun. Also if you beat the campaign you get unlimited
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