Do You Have to Have Blood Tests before Getting Married in the State of Georgia?


You are not required to get a blood test before getting married in the state of Georgia. They dropped that requirement in 2003. Georgia also does not have a waiting period to get married. You can get married as soon you obtain your license.
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All of them.
DC, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, and Oklahoma all
Eight US states still require a blood test to get a marriage license: Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma.
Blood tests are done to show that both applicants are free from syphilis. The results can be from any lab that is authorized to do pre-marital syphilis MORE?
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No the state of Georgia does not make you get a blood test before you get married. Only certain states make you do that to check and see if you any diseases you ...
Mississippi, New York, District of Columbia and Montana require couples to get a blood test as a marriage license requirement before they can get married. ...
No you do not. There are no blood test or physical exams that have to be taken. You can apply for your license at any county clerks office in your state. ...
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