Do You Have to Have Cable to Get Wireless AT&T High Speed Internet Service?


No you do not. AT&T are now running a promotion where you can receive high speed wireless internet service without having to have cable or telephone service with them.
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1. Turn on the wireless router. Connect an Ethernet cable to the router's "WAN" port; connect the other end of the cable to the cable modem provided by your Internet Service
Cox Communications, Qwest, Comcast and Roadrunner all offer high
Answer Telephone modems are limited to 56 k. High speed cable modem can offer you up to 10 m. depending on the price you want to pay. most cable company offer 100 500 750 about 29.95
1 Identify your Needs. You need to check the offers that companies like NetZero have, you will also need to state the type of connection that you need. If you don’t like cables
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1. Order the Comcast High Speed Internet service. Decide whether to lease or buy the equipment. Either way, Comcast will send an installation kit containing the ...
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