Do You Have to Use Borax to Make Slime Can You Use Another Detergent?


You don't have to use Borax to make slime, because most laundry detergents will work. Remember to keep costs down, and get the inexpensive laundry detergent.
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borax snowflakes. first hit I encountered on web: 3.If you can't find borax, you can use sugar or salt (may take longer to grow the crystals, so be patient) Add sugar or salt to the
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To make slime without Borax you will need liquid starch, white glue, and food coloring. Mix all ingredients together to make the slime. Another recipe calls for ...
There are many different home remedies for repelling fleas and ticks. One method is to use Borax detergent all over the house. Another remedy is to rub oranges ...
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