Do You Insure Land If You Have a Mobile Home Sitting on It or Just the Home?


If you get a home owners policy, you want to protected yourself from some one else getting on the property and gets hurt, it protects you and your mobile home. Make sure that you check with a insurance agent to make sure.
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Call an agent and ask, but I suspect you can not just buy liability insurance. You can buy a real cheap HO policy with minimal property coverage and max out on the liability. Why
I would probably need more information/facts about the situation. Do you know whether or not the mobile home was mortgaged? If so, check out the attached link regarding abandoned
If it were simply a lease, the new owner would have to honor it. But this is more complicated. It may be that the lease to own agreement you had with the previous owner became invalid
If your mobile home has a garage, screened or glassed patio, storage shed, deck or similar improvement, you must report the measurement of the item and the original cost (if known
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Whether you are buying a mobile home already set-up or a mobile home ready to move to land, you should prepare a contract. The contract provides the terms of the ...
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