Do You Italicize Movie Titles?


When writing the name of a movie it must be italicized. If the movie is being written in a sentence it is also best to use quotation marks to distinguish it from the other words. While italicizing is the best way to go when writing it this is generally only done when typed.
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In HTML 4 , you can italicize text by surrounding it with the <i>/i> tags. So: <p>I am a huge fan of <i>Eric Meyer on CSS</i>/p> would display like:
The title of a poem should
1. Capitalize the first letter of the movie title except for articles, such as "a, the" and "an" and prepositions of three letters or less, such as "at"
Underline it like how I underline girls.
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Both the MLA and the APA style guides require film titles to be either italicized or underlined. If you are following the Chicago Manual of Style, film titles must be italicized.
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