Do You Need a Fishing License If You Use Live Bait in Your County That You Live?


People need a fishing license determined by their age. In most places children do not need one but all adults do. So if you are using live or another kind of bait if you are an adult you better get one.
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1. Decide how you will present the live bait. The three most popular methods are below a bobber, on a live-bait rig, or on a jig head. All types of live bait can be fished with these
Live Bait is more seldom than either spoons or plugs, use shrimp or
It depends on how you are fishing it. If you are throwing the live bait without any weight and allowing it to swim, you want to hook it in the tail so it can swim as naturally as
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Yes, as of 2007 you will need a license to fish in Mecklenburg county, North Carolina regardless of the manner of fishing. Bait or lure, you'll need a license. ...
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