Do You Need a ID to Buy a Train Ticket with with Via Rail?


An ID is not required to purchase tickets from VIA Rail. You have the choice of buying your tickets online and printing them out, picking them up in person at the station, or you can use one of the kiosks located in the stations to print them out.
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1. Find train times for Via Rail Canada by calling 888-VIA-RAIL. 2. Or, visit their Web site. On the online reservation page (see Resources below) select your departure city from
The country that uses the VIA Rail ticket system is Canada. Via Rail is a train system in Canada that has nineteen different routes all over the country.
A 7-day second class season ticket is £70. By comparison, if you were buying an ordinary return ticket every day, to travel in the peak commuter times would cost £20.30,
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Usually for a train ticket you do not need to show identification. There's really no need for it unless you're paying for your ticket with a credit card. ...
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