Do You Need a Landline to Have the Internet?


You do not need to have a landline to have internet connection. There are three ways of connecting to internet and these are; ADSL, 3G, and Cable. Only the ADSL connections need landline. One can chose which type of connection to install and this also depends with your locality and the availability of a particular service to that area.
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1. Order connection through your cable company for some of the fastest Internet speeds available. Check the website or call your cable company for current deals. Often, Cable companies
It probably never will be. As many of the answers correctly note, the bandwidth itself is adequate for many uses. It's not actually good enough for several applications, however,
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You'll want to create a password for your Airport Express so others can't get into your Wi-Fi connection. You'll also want to stop broadcasting your computer's SSID (service set identifier
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