Do You Need a Licence for UK Sea Fishing?


A license is needed for anyone above the age of 12 to fish in UK sea waters. The license cost may vary between 3.00 to 27.O1 depending on the number of days spent in the waters. This is a requirement by the British Environmental Agency.
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because its a way of maintaining fish stocks and public ponds/lakes/rivers as every time we buy a licence a lot of the money go towards Marine biology so finding ways to kill parasites
Salcombe estuary is good for thorn back rays. South Coast. Also good bass fishing nearby at Lannacombe.
Well with Sea fishing, or Sea Angling, as some like to call it, we're never quite sure what we might catch. The variety of fish around the UK & Ireland is vast and every so often
Hi Richard, Steve told me you had some but I was going to buy a couple or four for myself in the Med if they are as good as you two say, anyway if you have a few I'll pick some up
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