Do You Need a Passport to Go to Alaska?


Alaska is part of the United States, you don't need a passport. But if you travel there by land or ships, you may have to cross Canada's territory, then a passport is helpful to prove your US citizenship.
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In some states, you can obtain your passport through your local post office. If yours does not offer this, then you will want to go to the local courthouse to apply for one.
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I'm sure there are alternative ways, but one option is to take a cruise that goes to Glacier Bay. The husband and I took a cruise that spent an entire day at Glacier Bay and we saw
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If you are a US resident and citizen, and have a direct flight from a US city to a city of Alaska, you do not need a passport. If you have any connection in Canada ...
You will need a passport to cross the border between Alaska and Canada because you will be entering another country. Even US citizens need a passport to get into ...
Alaska is considered part of America but also shares a coast with Canada, Yukon. As such, it has become necessary for all travellers to have US passports including ...
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