Do You Need a Prescription to Buy Syringes?


No, you do not need a prescription to buy syringes.Pharamicists may ask for proof of age, as you need to be the age of 18. You can purchase syringes at most pharmacies.
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Pharmacies sell them behind the counter. In California, you can legally purchase up to three a day without a prescription. You will have to have your purchased logged electronically
Not legal advice: You can buy syringes from a Walmart pharmacy without a prescription. The staff will ask you though what you'll use it for. report this answer. Updated on Sunday,
You can buy sterile syringes and needles
Uh-huh. You can't. Why do you think addicts use dirty needles over and over? If you could just buy a box at the drug store, wouldn't you? You can't. Not without a prescription. **
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Prescription requirements for insulin syringes are set by each individual state in the United States. Some states require a prescription to buy insulin syringes, some don't. In some states, notably Florida and Texas, individual counties may impose their own requirements. Laws regarding the purchase of syringes change from time to time, so check with the pharmacy you are planning to use. The pharmacist will know the local laws.
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It is legal to buy syringes in all 50 states if you have a prescription. There are only 11 states in the US that require you to have the prescription. In the other ...
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