Do You Need an International Drivers License to Rent a Car in Germany?


Renting a car in Germany can be sometimes very difficult. But it can be easier if you plan ahead. Yes you will need to get international drivers license if you want to rent a car.
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Your age will be a deciding factor as well as having held a full driving licence for, at least, twelve months. Some rental companies will hire to 'over 21s' others to 'over 25s' You
We rented a car from Napoli Airport with only a Florida driver's license and a credit card. We reserved an economy car for $13 a day in advance on Travelocity and it was easy, when
You have to be at least 21 years old to rent a car at most places.
John, I am an expert on travel in Ireland. Consequently, I will answer your question in reference to driving in Ireland. Your current US driver's license is sufficient for renting
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Usually an American valid license is all you will need to drive in Sweden. Car rental agencies do require you to be 25 years old to rent the car. For more information ...
You will be required to have an International Drivers License if you are traveling overseas and need to drive a car. You also need to know that you may not be ...
What you need to know about renting a car in the UK is that you will be required to have your driver's license available and valid, you will need your passport ...
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