Do You Need Both Black and Colored Inks for Canon Printer Ro Work?


You do need both black and colored inks for a Canon printer to work if you are printing paper that has different colors on it. If you are printing a document that only uses black ink, the printer will print the information as long as black ink is in the printer. However, I recommend having the ink supply filled constantly so that the printer can function properly.
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Assuming you have turned it off at mains, and restarted it, you are going to have to re-install newest drivers. Also, try an original cartridge if the ones you use are compatible.
If I have a Canon scanner printer combo for my desktop, how do i get the printer to switch from printing in color to be able to
To print without color ink go to START>control panel>PRINTERS & OTHER HARDWARES>PRINTERS & FAXES>Right click to your printer>PROPERTIES>MAINTAINANCE>INK
Because: Black is printed using black but also using a little of other colors at the same time The print head needs to be always be filled with ink, if you don't want to break it
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Yes, you need both black and colored ink cartridges in the printer for the Canon Pixma printer to work. Many of the newer printers require the installation of ...
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