Do You Need Car Insurance in Australia?


If you live in Australia and are interested in purchasing a vehicle, you'll need to insure the vehicle before driving it on public roads. The kind of car insurance depends on the type of vehicle you have purchased. However, there are companies providing comprehensive vehicle insurance cover as well.
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1 In order to legally drive or even register a car in Australia, a certificate of personal liability insurance, often referred to as a "green slip", is required. There are
If you want to compare car insurances in Australia, you may visit different car dealers to get their quotes and compare by yourself. Another method is by checking quotes online. Website
What is comprehensive car insurance? The question has been asked by beginning and experienced drivers who are eager to understand the best way to protect their cars and wallets. Comprehensive
it really depends. if you are renting the car (with a reputable company like Hertz, Thrifty, Avis or europcar) it is full comp insurance plus a hefty $3000 excess (Regardless who
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Learner drivers need car insurance, because learner drivers' car insurance is compulsory for any individual who is in a professional driving school or who has ...
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