Do You Need Permission from You Probation Officer to Get Married to Someone on Parole?


From my knowledge, you don't need any kind of permission to marry anybody. Your probation officer will probably want to know about it if you're not to associate with other ex cons.
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There is something called the "HEPPA" act which would not allow the probation/parole officer to provide you with any information on his whereabouts or his current status
Your probation officer is required to meet with you monthly, during that time he/she will observe your demeanor? ask you if you still live at the address given to them? If your phone
You should try to call his local probation and parole office and ask for that information. You should also consider filing a police report. If his harrassing phone calls rise to the
I would just contact whatever jurisdiction has the person's parole under and inquire there.
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