Do You Put Anything in a Budgies Nesting Box?


You should put soft materials such as cotton in a budgies nesting box as this will make the nesting mother comfortable when laying eggs and the keep the hatchlings warm. Ideally the nesting box for a budgie should be 21 centimetres by 13 centimetres by 13 centimetres.
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1. Purchasing a small woven basket is the simplest and best way to provide a nesting box for your Budgies. The basket should be approximately 5 inches in diameter and needs to have
well it depends.where abouts is the egg?
You can use edible bedding such as dry porridge oats or seed husks, flakey bran.anything like that. I wouldnt use paper as they would eat it and it truly really isnt edible. Source(
Nest boxes can be fixed to walls, trees or buildings.The box should be sheltered
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To make nest boxes for budgies, you need a small woven basket, approximately 5 inches in diameter. Cut a 2 inch hole above the bottom curve of the basket and set ...
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