Do You Tip Furniture Delivery Men?


There is no rule that says you need to tip a furniture delivery service member. Most businesses do not allow the employees to take tips from customers. If you would like to offer a tip do so but if the employee refuses understand that they may not be able to due to company policy.
Q&A Related to "Do You Tip Furniture Delivery Men"
You should generally tip a food delivery person the way you would tip a waiter, which is between ten and twenty percent. If you order from the same restaurant and often get the same
I go roughly in ranges. a) Should never be less than $3, b) Anything between a $20 and $50 is usually about $5, c) $50 and up, I usually go about 10% Just a personal heuristic though
I haven't ever tipped in a small town though. Here's a tip, bend legs while lifting!?!
20% or at least $2.
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