Do you underline or italicize book titles?


Book titles are italicized. Before the advent of computers, which lend versatility to utilizing different typefaces, book titles were underlined. Magazine names are also presented in italics.

A variety of other items are also italicized with regularity since the advent of the computer. Play titles as well as the names of films are both placed in italics. Similarly, the names of television as well as radio programs are placed in italics. The titles of lengthy poems and musical pieces are placed in italics. Famous speeches and the titles of pamphlets are presented in italics. In some cases, an isolated foreign word or phrase appearing in a text is italicized.

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The Chicago Manual of style recommends italicizing
The title is always underlined in a piece of writing.
In APA format, you put web site titles in italics - the same goes for MLA style. Before computers really took hold, underlining used to be more common place. report this answer. Updated
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Both the MLA and the APA style guides require book titles to be either italicized or underlined. If you are following the Chicago Manual of Style, book titles must be italicized.
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