Do You Weigh More When Menstruating?


Female bodies undergo hormonal imbalances/changes during menstruation and some of these may cause weight gain. According to most gynecologists, when this happens, it should not cause worry because weight will naturally adjust to normal after this period. There are however, women who report no weight changes in the same period.
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Muscle weighs more than fat, actually about 17% more. Thats why if you lift weights during a diet, you will sometimes gain weight as your fat turns to muscle.
1. Eat meals with lower calorie counts and higher nutrient counts. Eating more vegetables and fruits provide lower calorie density while filling you up with fiber. Even with extra
Weight, height and age will vary as to when a teen or girl starts her menses. Some girls will follow a pattern in her family. Such as Jennifer's period starts at age 12 just as her
It's a matter of of biology actually. If you assume that first thing in the morning, you've been fasting - no food or water - for approximately 11 hours (assuming dinner was at 5
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