Do You Win Anything If You Match 2 Numbers on the GA Lottery?


Matching two numbers in the Georgia lottery Fantasy 5 will get you a free ticket.If you're playing Mega millions or Powerball you can win on 2 numbers but one of the numbers would have to be the 'special' mega ball or powerball. Mega millions would win $3 while Powerball would win $4
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Match 2 white balls and the gold "Mega Ball" to win $10
The results for 04/22/2010: Quinto Midday 8-7-6-7-2, Evening 1-6-2-1-5, Mix&Match:14-10-16-11-15.
thought this might help: Here’s a rundown of the Irish Lottery prize structure, odds of winning and prizes: Numbers Matched Prize Odds First 6 numbers Jackpot 1 in 8.1 million
In your scenario, you will win $25 or $50. To win the front pair bet, all you need is the first two numbers in exact order. The second two numbers are irrelevant.
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The amount of numbers needed to win anything in the Mega Millions lottery is two. With that, a person may win a few dollars. You need to have all five numbers ...
In the lottery, matching 4 numbers win one £7,000. ...
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