Do your breast shrink when you lose weight?


A woman's breasts consist of fibrous, glandular, and fatty tissues. These tissues rest on top of the pectoral muscles that are attached to the breast wall. When a person loses weight due to exercise or illness, it is possible for one's breasts to appear smaller due to fat loss. It is the fat within the breast that provides a woman's breast its softness and uniformity. Sometimes, women feel that losing weight will cause their breasts to shrink or sag. However, it is the pectoral muscles that provide lift for the breasts. Incorporating strength training, specifically chest exercises, like a chest fly and assisted push-up, can firm up the major and minor pectoral muscles to provide lift and minimize any breast sagging due to weight loss.
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1. Practice a push-up exercise by laying chest-down with your hands at shoulder level and palms flat on the floor. Your feet should be slightly more than shoulder-width apart and
The best way to loose weight in your breast is to go on an overall diet. When most women want to loose weight, the first place they loose is the boobs. This should work and if you
Implants. Boobs are fat and water stores so they will shrink with the rest of you.
It depends where you store your fat. Some people have most of their fat in their hips or stomach or breasts etc. Since breasts are basically fat you will see a reduction but its hard
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