Do Your Ears and Nose Keep Growing?


Scientists have confirmed that ears and nose continue growing as we age. Ears and nose are made of a plastic-like stuff called cartilage which continues to grow unlike bones which stop growing after puberty.
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Definitive growth your nose and ears ends in young adulthood. The appearance of larger ears and a larger nose is usually due to your skin losing its elasticity and drooping with age.
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coz this is how man has evolved n he is suppose to look that way n hence it keeps growing but to a certain extent!
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Yes they do. Cartilage, which is in ears and noses, continues to grow until we die. Not only to ears continue to grow, but they also elongate due to gravity. ...
The ears and nose of human beings continue to develop throughout a person's lifetime. However, the cartilage is the only thing that continues to grow. It supports ...
Interestingly, as you age, your ears lengthen and your nose becomes more prominent due to cartilage growth and cell multiplication. Most experts believe this growth ...
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