What if my Dodge Durango check engine light came on?


The Dodge Durango check engine light may come on for different reasons. Individuals who get air in the gas tank may see the light turn on or it could be more serious. To verify just what it is, take the vehicle to a licensed mechanic for diagnosis.
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1. Open the hood of your Durango. To do this, pull up on the release lever in the driver's side footwell. Then, pull up on the safety latch under the center of the hood. Pull up on
You have to fix the cause of the code that turned the light on. It can than be reset with a scan tool.
Disassemble the battery for 5 minutes and tie it back up, computer will reset itself for the light, if it still come on then go to see repair shop. You also can take it to AutoZone
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How to Reset the Check Engine Light on a Dodge Durango
Resetting the "check engine" light on your Dodge Durango needs to be done after you've fixed the underlying problem related to the vehicle's emissions system or the various sensors, solenoids, valves and actuators that allow your engine to run properly.... More »
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