How to Remove the Clutch Fan in a Dodge Dakota?


Removing the clutch fan in your Dodge Dakota can be a real headache. The best option for you is to track down the service manual for the year Dakota you have. This will provide the best way to walk you through repairing or fixing your problem without making it worse.
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1. Pop the hood. Unbolt the fan shroud from the core support using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. Move it out of the way so you can access the fan. 2. Set the pry bar on the water
With a 36mm wrench and a spanner to hold the water pump pulley.
Autozone usually has a fan clutch loaner tool set, however in a pinch a strap wrench can hold the pulley and then you have room to fit a decent size crescent wrench. In a hurry you
If you leave the serpentine belt on, use a wrench on the belt tensioner. Apply more tension (opposite direction of taking the belt off) That should hold the pulley tight enough to
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When your Dodge truck runs hotter than normal, perhaps even up to 250 degrees, it may be an issue with the fan clutch. A weak fan clutch can cause the temperature ...
In order to remove a Chevy fan clutch, you need to remove the tensioner belt. This fan blows air over the radiator. By doing so, it keeps the engine from overheating ...
1. Remove the fan shroud. If it is a split design where there is a top and bottom half held together on each side by a screw, remove the top screws and the two ...
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