How to Reset the Check Engine Light on the Dodge Neon?


A person can reset the check engine light on the Dodge Neon by removing the clamp from the battery terminal. The Dodge Neon check engine light also requires reconnecting the terminal. Pulling a fuse can also reset the engine light.
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1. Open the hood. 2. Remove the clamp from the negative battery terminal and leave it off for approximately fifteen minutes. The negative terminal is marked with a minus sign. 3.
you probably have obd codes that are coming up,if you turn the key on and off 3 times and then leave on you will have codes come up,mine come up on my odometer reading,they will show
There could be many reasons your check engine light turns on. The light means that the computer in the vehicle detected a fault or problem with a part or system such as when low air
Buy yourself a obd 2 reader capable of reseting or go to the neighborhood mechanic for a little tip i'm sure he'll do it. another thing that you can do is disconnect your battery
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