Does a Body Float after Drowning?


After drowning, a body will float as a result of natural buoyancy. Drowning is a type of death from asphyxia attributable to suffocation caused by water getting into the lungs and stopping the absorption of oxygen, finally leading to cerebral hypoxia.
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None. As the human body contains a considerable amount of fat (which is lighter than water) it will float immediately. A more interesting question would be "How long does it
Decomposition has 4 stages: 1) fresh (autolysis) 2) bloat (putrefaction) 3) decay (putrefaction and carnivores) 4) and dry (diagenesis) Decomposition begins at the moment of death
A dead body floats because the corpse lungs will fill with air, forcing
Rather odd, isn't it, to have this question classified under medical conditions? Anyway, after a mammal like we human are dies, the bacteria who normally are present in the gut will
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