Does a Fetus Sleep in the Womb?


A fetus does sleep in the womb. New studies reveal that the fetus can sleep, dream, and feel inside the womb. These studies suggest that the fetus spends 90% of its' time sleeping, either in deep sleep, REM sleep, or otherwise in some intermediate state of rest. During REM sleep, the fetus' eyes move back and forth, as an adults do while in a dream state.
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A human foetus normally spends most of its time asleep in the womb. The foetus may also spend sometime in the resting state and the eyes moving rapidly. This is mainly attributed to the immature brain of the foetus.
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A fetus can hear outside noises inside the womb at about 5-6 months. There is some controversy to this fact but it is widely believed that about 5-6 months is when they can hear voices
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There are those that argue that the fetus is alive and others believe that
If I remember correctly, they used a fiber optic camera, which has the lighting source attached. i.e. an endoscopy procedure.
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