Does a hot tennis ball bounce higher?


A hot tennis ball will bounce higher than a cold tennis ball. The balls contain compressed air and the air is weighted down when cold.
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Hot. Personal experiments have shown that temperatures below 25°C make the ball bounce less. From 25°C and upwards there aren't any greater changes in height of bounce. The
A hot tennis ball, that has not yet been melted, will
Because the air pressure inside the ball will be lower due to Boyle's Law. Lower air pressure reduces the springiness of the ball when hit against a hard surface.
Hello Charles, If the collision of the ball and the ground were perfectly elastic, and if this happened in a perfect vacuum, final height would be the equal to the original height
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Temperature affects how high a ball bounces. A solid rubber ball bounces higher when it colder. A ball with air inside it bounces higher when it is hotter. ...
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