Does a Misdemeanor Affect Employment?


Yes, a misdemeanor can affect employment in the company especially when you do a serious offense. This is because some company do a background check before hiring a person to determine the character of a person.
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Impossible question to answer in a general sense. Only your prospective future employer can tell you what 'weight' they will give such a record.
If you are working with large sums of money & need to be bonded, then it could cause you some problems, as it will show up on a background check. Keep copies of all your court
Whenever you borrow money, whether a loan, a credit card, a mortgage or a cell phone contract, the lender will begin reporting about this to one or more credit bureaus. The credit
Every employer is permitted to conduct a background check of potential hires to find out if they've been arrested in the past 7 years and if they've ever been convicted of a crime
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