Does a Pay as You Go SIM Card Work in a Contract Phone?


When you are on ay as you go, you top up your phone online or buy a voucher card . On contract you pre pay for the phone services. A pay as you go sim card can work in a contract phone if you are on the same network. But if you change networks, it will not work.
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1. Take your SIM card out of its packaging but do not "punch" the card out of its holder. Your SIM card is set in a credit card sized holder; the information you will need
The arsoson why it won't work is that when you got your phone it amyt have already been unlocked but howeer 3 sims are special, special in sense that the phone has to originally on should help. Airtel is pretty good, but you'll have to walk into a store to find out if you can do data on a prepaid (to go) plan. More: http:/
1 Decide what network you wish to be on (e. g, o2) and what tariff (e.g, o2 online). Enter this in the basic search box at the top of every eBay page. Ad 2 Note the postage costs.
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1. Go to a discount department store and look at the phones with prepaid, pre-installed SIM cards. Purchasing a brand name phone directly from a well-known store ...
Yes a SIM card from a contract ATT phone will work in an ATT go phone. You can purchase any kind of ATT phone and your SIM card will work in it. Just let ATT know ...
Sim cards are portable memory chips that are used in most cell phones to operate on the global system for mobile communications network. They can work in any phone ...
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