Does a Smear Test Hurt?


A smear test does not hurt but it may be uncomfortable and unpleasant since a speculum is inserted into a woman's birth canal. The test is carried out to check for any changes in the cervix cells which could develop into cervical cancer if not treated early. This test is recommended to women over 18 and more so to those who are sexually active.
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A pap smear test is one that is taken during a pelvic exam done by a doctor or nurse practitioner in the doctors office. During the visual exam of the vaginal cavity, they will take
Importance Pap tests can detect abnormal cell changes before they turn into invasive cancer. If cervical cancer is already present, the prognosis is better with early treatment. Procedure
The main purpose of the pap smear is to screen for cervical cancer. This type of cancer is associated with the HPV. This is why the HPV vaccines are available now. It's to reduce
I do get pain with smear tests. The reason could be that you still have residual scarring from the infection. The cervix is sensitive; women with retroverted uteruses (tilt backwards
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A smear test is a cervical screening or pap test where the cells in the cervix are taken out and tested for cervical cancer. A plastic brush or spatula is inserted ...
A Pap Smear is a relatively quick and painless procedure that is typically performed in a doctor's office. Pap Smears do not usually hurt, but this can vary from ...
Peripheral smear blood tests are used in addition to CBC when an abnormal blood test is the result. Years ago the smear test was done on virtually every blood ...
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