Does absinthe make you hallucinate?


Drinking absinthe is not likely to cause hallucinations. According to HowStuffWorks, alcohol poisoning would kill an absinthe drinker before he could feel the effects of thujone, the chemical in absinthe that is said to cause hallucinations and convulsions.

HowStuffWorks states that thujone has not been proven to cause hallucinations, though it is known to cause convulsions in very high doses. The legends that grew around absinthe likely have more to do with the effects of its high alcohol content and potential for alcohol poisoning than with thujone. It is also likely that many absinthe drinkers of the past drank cheap, improperly prepared absinthe with dangerous and potentially hallucinogenic additives. Absinthe is legal in most countries. It is made of anise, fennel and wormwood.

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The chemical that's taken all the blame for absinthe's hallucinogenic reputation is called thujone.
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