Does Age Affect Learning Ability?


Age does not affect a person's ability to learn new things. As people get older they will learn things at a slower pace, but they can still retain it unless they have some type of aging disease.
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Believe it or not, prolonged exposure to certain colors can affect a child’s IQ, according to Excellence in Public Educational Facilities, a Web resource sponsored by the Canadian
" Neurogenesis (nerve-cell production) goes down with age … it's known that with old age there's a decrease in short- term memory, says Ronald Evans, a. genetics. professor
Some people use music as a means of learning by making songs out of the particular learning concepts at hand to help with the remembering of the concepts.
It affects the brain and its learning capubilities because it gets your endorphins going and your circulation rising, supplying more oxygen to the brain.
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Age does affect the learning ability. As we age, we lose our 'natural' ability to learn, which is how our brain processes information. This means that as we age, we have to find different ways to learn.
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