Does Airsoft hurt?


Airsoft could hurt in circumstances where players do not wear protective gear. Airsoft is a sport similar to paintball where imitated firearms are used in war games. Safety is paramount when dealing with airsoft guns.
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It really depends on the airsoft gun itself, but it usually hurts like getting pinched kinda hard. It also depends on how far away you are, the fps of the gun, what the caliber you
The airsoft gun comes electric, gas, and spring powered. This particular one is electric and it has a battery that at the end of the cycle the spring tension is released and the piston
Airsoft is one of USA's largest and best known Retailer for Airsoft Guns with
That depends. Are you talking about an upgrad. . .
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Yes, Airsoft pellets can hurt if the hit exposed skin. Airsoft players need to wear safety gear during play to make sure that no one is struck in the eye or other ...
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