Does All Energy Come from the Sun?


Most of the energy on planet Earth comes from the sun. This energy is radiated as heat and light energy. Since energy can not be created or destroyed, the energy from the sun is transformed from one form to another. Other sources of energy include burning of fossil fuels.
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Not ALL energy comes from the Sun, though nearly all energy on Earth does. Plants store solar energy as chemical energy through photosynthesis. Fossil fuels are just very old plants
Creatures have been eating each other since before there were plants. The first archaea got their energy directly from the environment, consuming the high-energy chemicals that form
The energy of the sun comes from a chemical reaction.
In addition to radiant energy (a form of electromagnetic energy) consider the solar wind, which consists of particles (which were once part of the sun) These particles carry with
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The sun generates energy through the process of nuclear fusion. At the core of the sun, gravitational pressure compresses and heats the core material to over 15 ...
The sun's energy comes from thermonuclear fusion reactions. Because the sun's gravity is so strong, hydrogen atoms fuse together to form helium. When they do so, ...
The constant stream of light from the sun is the only source of energy that comes from outside the Earth, and its action creates almost all other energy forms ...
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