Does Ammonia Disinfect?


Ammonia is a mild disinfectant. It has been shown to be a good bactericidal, but its effectiveness on other organisms is fair at best. It is considered fair at eliminating fungicidal and protozoal organisms, but it does not do well at eliminating viruses, bacterial spores, or hard water. Ammonia is also deactivated by soap.
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There are several sources of ammonia. It can come from oceans, soils, decaying plants, human excrement and livestock waste. Ammonia is a compound made up of nitrogen and hydrogen
No matter how hard you try, you can't protect yourself from every microorganism that wants to live off of your bodily functions. Bacteria and microbes will constantly exist around
depend upon surface area,that u have to disinfect
Mix 1 cup white vinegar, 1 cup household
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Ammonia does not disinfect laundry. However, it is used as a detergent for perspiration to clean dirt like sweat. Some other people believe that ammonia makes ...
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