What is a totally free people search website?


Several websites such as Census Finder, Your Family and Yahoo Free People Search allow you to search for people for free. Others include Lycos People Search, Zoom Info and even Facebook.

In some cases, different sites allow you to search for specific information such as phone numbers. For instance, Switchboard, Lycos People Search, Reverse Lookup and White Pages help you search for phone numbers. Sites such as The Obituary Daily Times, the National Obituary Archive and the New York Times Obituaries page have extensive obituary databases. However, you must watch for some sites that provide you with teaser information then direct you to sign up for a paid service.

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1. Log on to a website that allows you to create a website for free, such as Wordpress.com. Wordpress began as a free blogging website, but it has evolved into an online content management
zabasearch.com ( i don't work for them and it is free) is the best site. whitepages.com is 2nd best. Then doing a simple Yahoo Search is 3rd.
New or old site? Both the suggestions above cover what we use +
freewebs.com is a pretty good website maker, it has some cool backgrounds and widgets, but it does have some annoying glitches like double spacing one paragraph and leaving the rest
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