Does anyone use customer feedback services like 'GetSatisfaction?'?

What kind of experience have you had with online customer feedback services like GetSatisfaction or Tender? What are some pros and cons of using a service like that?


Jeff Nolan (VP Product Marketing, Get Satisfaction)
What are you interested in accomplishing? Customer communities can serve many functions, customer support being a big one, but I would suggest that idea submission as well as capturing positive feedback are equally valuable.
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I know the product wasn't called out by name in the question, but I have been very happy with Tender ( for customer feedback and support. The huge benefit that
1. Provide various ways for customers to communicate with the company regarding customer service it provides. Brief comment cards, online feedback surveys, toll-free phone numbers
Because it will tell if we were able to perform our job in a way that customers would not feel neglected. There's more to being able to do what they requested from us, it should be
You can send a text or send an email to Customer.Relations@ChaCha.c...
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Hi Sean,
What sort of feedback are you trying to generate from your customers?

I would suggest that you keep it as short as possible ...
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