Does Ariana Grande Have a Boyfriend?

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Ariana Grande is dating Jai Brooks.
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Ariana Grande is an actress who is for her role on the TV sitcom Victorious. There is no information available regarding if she does or does not have a boyfriend.
Ariana Grande is rumored to be dating Graham Philips. Both are American actors, and Philips is known for staring in Evan Almighty.
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Ariana is dating Jai Brooks, a member of the Australian YouTube group The Janoskians.'s_b...
Ariana and Jai Brooks broke up right after the video filmed and Jai headed
i dont think she has one. look at her twitter and maybe she will tweet about him if she has one? Source(s): Ariana is amazing
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Ariana_Grande_. Birthday. _-_June_26,_1994">. Ariana Grande. Birthday.- June 26, 1994. ...
Ariana Grande is an American actress known for her role in the television show 'Victorious'. She is currently single and not dating anyone. ...
Ariana Grande, best known for her role of Cat Valentine on the series Victorious, is of Italian descent. Grande, a Florida native, is half Sicilian, and half Abruzzese ...
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