Does Atlantis Exist?


Atlantis is believed to exist and lies underneath the Atlantic Ocean. It is a lost continent that is believed to have been flooded over by a great wave. Other theories suggest that Atlantis did not sink and is in fact today's Antarctica.
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According to Plato, 11,000 to 12,000 years ago. It existed over 100,000 years ago.
It is extremely possible that the volcanic island of Thera in the Mediterranean was the basis of the Atlantis myth. It was well before Plato's time, during Minoan civilization, and
The idea of Atlantis came from dialogues Plato wrote (Timaeus and Critias) He
atlantis from what i understand was in the Caribbeans where the bermuda triangle is. at once it used to be an island of beauty and knowledge holding knowledge from many lands such
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Atlantis does not exist presently and it is not confirmed whether it existed in the past. Some people hypothesize that it could have been located near the Red ...
Atlantis is a tale of a continent believed to have existed in the mid Atlantic Ocean. The continent is said to have sunk into the ocean when a great wave flooded ...
Atlantis syndrome is a disorder that prompts people to believe the existence of the fictional city of Atlantis which comes from Greek mythology. Atlantis is said ...
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