Does Beer Contain Sodium?


Although most cans of beer do not state their sodium content, beer does contain sodium. There are some light beers that may have less sodium, but the average 12 ounce can of beer, has 11 milligrams of sodium.
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Beer does contain sodium. The amount of sodium that the beer contains will vary greatly from one beer to another.
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There is a lot of people that enjoys a nice cold beer, but have you ever wondered how much sodium is in beer. There is about 11grams of sodium in a 12 ounce serving of most beers.
Sodium Nitrate has always been a constituent of beer, as it has - incidentally or purposely - for many other foods. But beginning in 1980, a modification of the brewing process brought
Sodium plays a vital role in our overall body health. Too much sodium can put us at risk for many diseases, while not enough can impede certain organs' ability to function properly.
There is about 10 to 20 milligrams of sodium per beer depending on what kind you
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Beer contains 11 mg of sodium. 1 can of Regular Beer which has about 14 mg of sodium. All varieties of beer are exceptionally low in sodium content. ...
There are many foods that contain hidden sodium, some are; sodas, lunch meat, frozen foods, snack foods, boxed and processed foods, and some processed cheese. ...
Beer is fermented hops or grains. It is generally brewed from malt and flavored hops. The end product contains about 0.5% alcohol by volume. There is a wide variety ...
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