Does Bill O'reilly Have Children?


Bill O'Reilly has two children with his wife Maureen E McPhilmy. A son, Spencer born in 2003 and a daughter born in 1998, Madeline. Bill was born on September 10, 1949 and is a television host, author, and political commentator.
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Bill O'Reilly Jr. or as he is more commonly known as, Bill O'Reilly has two children, Madeline and Spencer.
Bill O'Reilly has 3.5 million listeners per week via 400+ radio
He makes people think for themselves. Many news commentators are primarily comedians and provide laughter and entertainment. Bill O causes viewers to actually think. You choose.
you obviously don't watch The O'Reilly Factor. in my opinion, Bill O'Reilly is the answer to today's Jim Jones. in case you don't know, Jim Jones was a 1970s cult leader who brainwashed
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