Does Bleach Kill Ants?


Bleach is used in the household not to kill ants but to keep them out. For sugar ants to stay away, wipe the countertops using bleach. It helps to get rid of pheromones that the ants use to follow each other when looking for food. It is also important to clean the floor using a solution of bleach and warm water to keep them off.
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1. Mop your kitchen floor and wipe down your countertops with a cleaning product that contains bleach. 2. Spray the bleach cleaner along the edge of the walls of your kitchen, as
Learning how to kill ants can be an important skill in the face of an ongoing infestation. Once foraging ants find a source of food or water in your home, they'll mark it with a special
1. Fill a plastic squirt bottle with one part tap water and one part white distilled vinegar or cider vinegar. Place the lid on the bottle and swirl to combine. 2. Spray ants when
1. Dissolve the sugar or honey into the hot water. 2. Add the boric acid and stir. 3. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture once the boric acid is dissolved. 4. Place the cotton ball in
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Focus your management efforts on excluding ants from buildings or valuable plants and eliminating their food and water sources. Reducing outdoor sources of ants near buildings may reduce the likelihood of ants coming indoors... More »
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