Does Bleach Kill Germs?


Research has proven that bleach does in fact kill bacteria. Bleach contains hypochlorous acid, an active ingredient that attacks proteins in bacteria, causing them to clump up and form large, insoluble aggregates.
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1. Start your washer so it begins to fill with water. 2. Add your laundry detergent to the water. 3. Add 1 cup of vinegar to the washing machine water. 4. Put your clothes in the
This website is awesome it shows you items and how to make bleach solution. I tells you how much bleach to put in how much water. It also tells you how long to soak them and if you
There are some strains of viruses as well as bacteria that are resistant to bleach.
It is the release of the chlorine gas contained in the bleach,that knocks out the germs. Chlorine gas is very dangerous, that is why it is important NOT to use it with an other chemical
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Colour safe bleach does not kill germs since it does not have chlorine, but it only brightens up the garments. It can be used on coloured garments in laundry and ...
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Bleach does kill maggots. If your work area, kitchen, trashcan or container is infested with maggots, pour bleach and hot water. It is wise to empty your trashes ...
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