Does Body Lotion Expire?


Body lotion does expire. Like most skin care products, many body lotions may contain preservatives to help keep the product fresh for a longer time. However, throw away containers that have been open for more than two years.
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1. Apply enough lotion to your hands to do each body part at a time. Applying only enough lotion to your hands that is enough for each body party will ensure that you don't rush putting
There is nothing on the Bath and Body Works website
1. Empty contents of lotion into mixing bowl. Ad. 2. Sprinkle enough cosmetic-grade glitter to cover the top of the lotion. 3. Blend glitter well into lotion. 4. Place a pouring funnel
It should be good for at least a year, maybe longer, if you keep it in a cool, dry environment. Not too hot; not too cold. If it starts to smell 'off' at some point, you will know.
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