Does Boots Chemist Test on Animals?


'Boots' the Chemist does testing on animals through a program called FRAME. FRAME stands for Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments and the program ensures that the raw materials used in the manufacture of cosmetics have gone through testing. Boots the Chemist is a UK chain with over 1500 stores that are health and beauty retailers.
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Almay does thats the only one i know of and Prestige,
Boots Pregnancy Test - 1 test costs 6.99 GBP. It can be used up to 4 days early.
testing is usually done on live animals. boots, jackets, belts, etc are usually from dead animals.
chemist Boots for £79.99 in a kit for couples including male and female fertility tests.
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The Boots website state that their products are not tested on animals. They test all their offerings on people so as to make sure each and every product provides ...
From what I know, chemists perform different types of experiments to help them develop new drugs. Some experiments involve animal testing, whereas some experimental ...
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