Does Borax Get Rid of Fleas?


Yes, it can be used as insecticide to kill ants and fleas.
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Vacuum your entire carpeted area to remove as many fleas, eggs and larvae as you can. Vacuum the upholstery as well, as fleas do burrow in furniture, drapery and anything else made
This suggestion for fleas has been around for a long time but until now I had not hear anyone else suggesting it. A vet I worked for many years ago told me (and clients) about it.
To get rid of fleas on your pet, you need to buy one of the over the counter topical medications that you put directly on your pet. A few good ones are Advantage, and Frontline. If
Want to know how to get rid of fleas? These pesky parasites can be a pain to purge, so you might need to make use of every trick in the book to get rid of them for good. An ounce
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Borax can be used to kill fleas as long as it's reapplied with each cycle of fleas both inside, and outside of your home. It's a tedious process but it really ...
1. Fill an empty and cleaned jelly jar three quarters full with 20 Mule Team Borax. 2. Poke several holes into the lid of the jar with a utility knife. 3. Place ...
If you have children and pets in your home, then using harsh chemicals to get rid of fleas is not the best option. Sprinkling Borax and salt over your carpet and ...
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